Maviga, an ED&F Man Company (, headquartered at De Ruyterkade 6 (6th floor) in Amsterdam, has offices and operations in Canada, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Switzerland, Tanzania, UAE and USA with branches in China, Sudan and Vietnam. They are a leading force in the origination, processing and trading of dried edible pulses and other speciality crops, including sesame seed. Marcus Coles, founder of Maviga, said in a recent interview with this paper:
"Mankind cannot afford to turn its back on edible pulses. They were essential founder crops in the Neolithic Revolution over 10,000 years ago and will have an equally significant role in mankind's survival in the current millennium. The planet cannot feed 9 billion people (estimated population by 2050) without a much greater reliance on leguminous protein. We live in difficult but exciting times. Our sector has an important and vital role to play in the future of food."

From an article by Jack Bean,
The Healthier Pulse, 2017